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investigating our stunning world is my favourite occupation. Here you will find some subjects I dealt with:

hyperlink to the photogallery 'Impressionen'

The website 'Impressionen' provides a pictorial and botanical insight into the “Hildesheimer Börde” and the place Algermissen, Germany.

hyperlink to the Website 'Radio Observation';

The website 'Radio Observations' treats of radio monitoring of meteors and the solar eclipse 2015 by means of software defined radios (SDR).

Photo of earth from space hyperlink to the website 'Radio Frequency Monitoring';

The website 'Radio Frequency Monitoring' presents a specialized control software for the AOR AR5000 communications receiver to monitor ionospheric and atmospheric conditions.

Impressum: Dr. Wolfgang Kaufmann, Lindenweg 1e, 31191 Algermissen, Germany, email:

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