AR5000 - Characteristic Curve of the Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

The characteristic curve was recorded by AOR with a standard AR5000 in NFM mode with the 15KHz filter fitted at 171.1MHz (AOR-UK Ltd. AR5000 Bulletin Page, 2003). Calibration in dBM is valid only for this constellation but the characteristic curve itself should be in generally true. A regression analysis of the data provided by AOR gives best fit with a 5th degree polynomial function and is used by the software AR5000RA to convert AGC-level in decibel:

Plot: characteristic curve of agc

y = a + bx + cx2 + dx3 + ex4 + fx5 with a: -113.63858, b: 0.43970456, c: -0.010419413, d: 0.00012850522, e:-5.8958831e-007, f: 9.6151903e-010 correlation coefficient: r = 0.99824