This site is about radio frequency monitoring by means of an AOR AR5000 communications receiver. For this purpose the AR5000 is controlled by a computer via the software AR5000RA. The computer must be connected to the AR5000 using the RS232 interface.

Foto: Laptop connected to AR5000 receiver

The software AR5000RA allows to comfortably operate the AOR AR5000 receiver from a computer. However its main purpose is to record rf-signals on the base of the automatic gain control (agc) of the AR5000 to observe propagation of radio waves and condition of the ionosphere (see examples). The program allows to monitor continuously up to five single frequencies or alternatively a frequency band. Additionally it counts steep signal rises as produced by lightning strokes (sferics).The sampled data will be stored to disk for further processing with a spreadsheet program.

Furthermore a weak signal monitoring mode is implemented. It uses the audio output of the AR5000 and should be combined with an external DSP-software for recording, editing and analyzing of the audio-output. This mode can be used, if the rf-signals of interest are too weak to produce a recognizable change of the agc.

The program AR5000RA is written in FreePascal. This compiler is available for different operating systems. At the moment the download page contains only a Windows- executable: AR5000RA.EXE. This is free software under the license of GPL. May be the program is useful to some of you. I would be interested to hear from you. Unfortunately I have not much time left for further development. Also the AR5000 will not be produced anymore, so the amount of people using this receiver will decline with time.